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Fall Session 2016 Classes

"GLIMPSES OF INDIA"– Surati's original production "Glimpses of India" recreates India on stage by tracing its cultural diversity through traditional, contemporary and experimental dance and music. This original production showcases Indian classical, folk, fusion (with other genres), Bollywood and live music. Dazzling when performed in its grandeur, yet stunning when scaled down to fit any space, this show will enthrall and educate all audiences.

More about Glimpses of India - A multidimensional show presenting the diverse variety in Indian culture through classical, folk, creative and contemporary genres of dance and music.

Narrated in English (with translations available in other languages upon request).
Run time: 60 – 90 mins

Glimpses of India, World Tour
For Booking contact, [email protected]
or call 201-360-1553


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